2014 Winners and Training Session May 3rd!

MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS DUE THIS MONTH! You can renew online or by mail, info at http://tricajuns.org/register

If you have any questions or concerns regarding signing up online please email:  membership@tricajuns.org
This will help us ensure all current and active members are added to the membership database going forward and ensure we have waivers of liability for everyone.

Thank you to everyone that braved the weather and came to the meeting last night! I’m glad we had such a good showing.

Congratulations to Karen St. Germain and Carlo Bentley for being this year’s winners! I calculate this by adding up the points everyone scored for USAT, which variables include if you raced, if you placed, and if you’re a USAT member. Congratulations! I have the certificates for you and gift cards from Geaux Run.

Congratulations also to Geaux Run for being our Sponsor of the Year! This is based off of popular vote, which is open to the whole club. This year the board members voted because of the changes occurring, but SotY should be a company that has shown exemplary support for the club, not necessarily financially. So thank you!

Our Treasurer Lisa Bell is hard at work for our KITS this year. She asked me to ask you for sponsors. ANYONE  that knows any company or person that may have an inkling about sponsoring our club please let us know so that we can officially ask them. She is also working on the club member gift this year, and may have some questions about what we may want, bags, towels, etc, so be thinking!

Next training session and coverage of the new USAT rules will be at Sugar Mill Pond May 3rd. Education director Tommy Bell may have more to say about that and the other things we have coming up.

Also welcome to the board Matt Margaglio, who will help us get our 501(c)(3) status. It’s so great to have someone that knows how to do this on board, thanks!

TriCajuns Meeting Thursday April 16th – Pizza Village

Our first meeting of the year will be April 16th at Pizza Village. Doors open at 6pm, with awards and announcements at about 6:15. Our first guest speaker is local running celebrity Jonathan Granger, who will be starting at 6:30. Come with hungry bellies and lots of running questions!
During this meeting we will have membership renewals for 2015.
Annual Adult – $25
Annual UL Student – $15
Pizza Village Location:
2340 Kaliste Saloom Rd
Lafayette, LA
(337) 706-8644

Upcoming Tri-Cajuns Meetings Planned

Our first meeting of the year will be April 16th at Pizza Village. Doors open at 6pm, with awards and announcements at about 6:15. Our first guest speaker is local running celebrity Jonathan Granger, who will be starting at 6:30. Come with hungry bellies and lots of running questions!
During this meeting we will have membership renewals for 2015, where Dane DeValcourt will be there to log you into our new website and forums right away. This new format will make it a lot easier to discuss which races we will all be at, buy/sell/trade gear, all training available, any questions you want to ask, etc. We will have both public and member-only spaces, all very user-friendly.  We will also have membership cards so that we can expand the places we get discounts from, have an easier way to report your races, more collaboration, and overall a better resource for club members and non-members alike.
Our second meeting of the year will be at Sugar Mill Pond on May 3rd. We will have a 5 mile bike/2 mile run training session starting at 7am, followed by a talk by Tommy Bell and myself giving an overview on the new USAT rules (I have recently become a certified race official.)
We are doing race kits and other swag this year for members! More on this later and at the meeting. if you would like to help with this, please contact Lisa Bell or me.
Annual dues will be $25/person/year, $5 for kids 18 and younger, and $15 for UL Triathlon Club members. If you already paid dues this year, it will carry over until next year.

2015 Tri-Cajuns Board of Directors

As Lafayette continues to grow, I expect that our club will grow just as fast, and I wanted to make sure we were set up for that, as well as vamping up what we can offer to members. Well, we are ready!
If you remember, I had put a call out to the club to help me form a board to facilitate our club better and get some of the goals we had identified accomplished. This has happened! After a few meetings, discussions, and planning sessions, we have the first Board of Directors formed for the Tri-Cajuns Triathlon Club, and will be filing for 501(c)(3) status as an educational and advocacy entity for triathlon. Our bylaws are being finalized and reviewed by our lawyer, and we will be acting as a new board starting now. Our first member’s meeting of the year we can answer any and all questions, and discuss what this means for our club. In a nutshell, incorporation makes our members not liable should anything happen to the club financially, will give us a framework to not rely on just one person to run the club, and will also allow us to receive tax-deductible donations and grants that we would not be eligible for otherwise. As we progress we will hold elections, take on more people, and continue to replenish the board as needed and in accordance with our bylaws.
Our new board is:
President – Monique Koll (Me)
Vice President – Amy Boudreaux
Secretary – Dane Devalcourt
Treasurer – Lisa Bell
Education Director – Tommy Bell
Amy is a lawyer by profession, and will be making sure we’re doing everything properly. She will also be assisting me with membership. Dane is a computer guru and has completely revamped our website, more on that to come. Lisa will be dealing with our jerseys and other swag for this year, including sponsorship. Tommy is responsible for making sure we have training sessions available to everyone, mentorships, and has touched base on races we are planning to host.
There are so many things that we wanted to get done that we didn’t have the structure for, but now we do! This year already has some exciting things planned!
Monique Koll, DVM

LHS Splash & Dash – April 12th, 2015

Lafayette High School Splash & Dash Duathlon to benefit the LHS Cross Country & Swim Teams.

Location: Crawfish Aquatics – 107 Susan St., Lafayette, LA 70506
Date: April 12th, 2015 9:00AM

200m Swim & 2 Mile Run
Individual & Teams

$30 Individual
$40 Teams

Register online at www.cajuntiming.com

Contact: lemairete@hotmail.com

For more info call: 337-277-2965


Tri-Cajuns News and Announcements – Jan 2015

Happy New Year everyone, hope it has been going well! Sorry for the lack of communication, this time last year I didn’t have a job, and this year I’m a Realtor, professional speaker, and the first Executive Director of BikeLafayette, which has been keeping me busy, whew!

I was pretty ambitious last year, and while we didn’t accomplish everything we wanted, we have a good structure to move forward with. I think this was mostly due to us all thinking we had more time than we do, great intentions but not a lot of time to spend on them! Because of this, and because I want a framework to continue to grow the club, I would like to establish a board of directors. This will help us stay on track and accomplish our goals; I simply can’t get as much done as I used to. I think one hour/week, with a few special circumstances, is more than ample commitment. If you can do that and would like to help out please let me know! I’m looking forward to becoming even more established. I’d like to set a meeting up for next month, and will have a draft of bylaws and draft agenda.

I’m also changing the price of membership. Each adult will be $25, each child younger than 18 will be $5, and members of the UL Tri Club will be $15. Each person registering will have to do it individually, which will be a bigger headache if using PayPal but will ensure me that everyone member signs the waiver. I am also delaying membership renewals until March, as I think we are better served starting to gear up in the warmer weather.

We placed second in our category in the South Midwest Region! As unstructured as we are, we sure have a fast group! I’m really looking forward to what can we accomplish as we become more adhesive. Our off-season challenge team is rocking it too. We need to have a party and a speaker, if you can help organize this please let me know. Shout out to Dane Devalcourt, who is now keeping our website up-to-date!

Jan 31st-Feb 1 is the annual regional conference Frost Yer Fanny, with the regional duathlon championship, in Shreveport. Please let me know if you’d like to go this year! I am going, and will be doing the clinic to become a certified race official. This way we will have someone local to help with our area’s sanctioned races instead of paying someone to come from out of town.

Well that’s a packed email! Thanks for reading, and looking forward to this year!

USAT National Challenge Competition

Tri-Cajuns are participating in the USAT National Challenge Competition again this year. This is an off-season training competition where you can individually log your training to help keep you on track and us see how we measure up to similar size clubs in the area. We are looking for TWENTY people to participate. Please contact Monique and let her know if you’re interested!

More information: http://www.usatriathlon.org/audience/clubs/national-challenge-competition.aspx

USAT NCC Website: http://www.race-tracker.net/usat/index.cfm

Also please note that one does not have to manually log their training details if they are using Training Peaks. Training Peaks users can have their info automatically synced with the USAT NCC site.

The NSS site has a link to a tool that will sync Training Peaks with NCC to automate the process.

More info here: http://www.race-tracker.net/blog/post.cfm?entry=tri-replicator