Exterra Wetsuit Deals

2018 is already gearing up to be an amazing year, and it’s only February. Our favorite wetsuits and accessories are back in stock to ensure you have your fastest season yet!

To make sure you are race-ready, we are offering you a 60% discount on all our wetsuits and accessories plus 55%-60% discount on select paddleboards. All you need to do is enter your discount code (please contact a Tri Cajuns board member for the code).

  • The Best Seller is Back – Our most popular wetsuit, the Vortex Fullsuit, is fully stocked and ready for the open water. With its added shoulder flexibility and durability, it makes the perfect suit for training and racing year-round. (Reg. $400, $160 for you)
  • Stay Warm – Keep your head and ears snug with our Neoprene Caps – designed to keep you warmer on those cold winter swims. (Reg. $29, $12 for you)
  • For You ONLY – Our Star & Stripes Limited Edition Paddleboard is available to our sponsored athletes exclusively this month. We are only making 50 of them, so order now to reserve yours. (Reg $1400, $569 for you)

As always, you and your team can email us with any questions at midwest@xterrawetsuits.com or call 858-256-7326. We are here to help with whatever you may need.


Doing your First Triathlon? Here is What You Need.

Seems like triathletes have a huge amount of gear that can consume a small warehouse.  For first-timers the amount of gear required for the swim, bike, and run, can be daunting.  So let’s break it down on a list showing the basics and optional stuff that you may want to bring.  Grab a backpack or transition bag to load some of the gear in. Your bike will carry the rest.  After the first couple of races you will soon learn what’s needed or not needed, and look like a seasoned athlete in no time.


  • Tri suit (usually called your “kit”)
  • Swim cap
  • Goggles
  • Towel



  • Bike
  • Helmet
  • Cycling shoes
  • Cycling socks
  • Sunglasses or clear eye protection
  • Water bottles (for frame cages) or hydration pack
  • Spare tube or tubes (and/or patch kit)
  • Tire levers
  • Cyclist’s multi-tool (with Allen wrenches)
  • CO2 inflator (with cartridges) or mini-pump



  • Running shoes
  • Running socks
  • Cap or visor
  • Sunglasses



  • First-aid items (blister treatment, bandages)
  • Medical info/emergency contact card
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip balm
  • Chamois cream
  • Baby wipes (for cleanups) or hand sanitizer
  • Race number and documents
  • Race belt (for number)
  • Performance gels/chews/bars
  • Performance beverages or drink mixes
  • Handlebar end caps (yes, officials will check to make sure your handlebars have end caps)
  • Ear plugs
  • Watch, heart rate monitor
  • Spare goggles
  • Ear plugs
  • Floor pump
  • Cycling gloves


XTERRA Wetsuit Sponsorship

Tri Cajuns, friends, and family can get a 60% discount on wetsuits and other swim items through Xterra’s club sponsorship program.   Check out the club’s page at:


For those looking at purchasing a SUP, check out:


.  You need a code to realize the discount, so email us for the code and we will send it to you.  Some examples of savings:

  • Vivid Fullsuit – 3mm front/ 2mm back, with 2panel, 2mm shoulders and a Capri cut leg. MSRP: $245, code price: $99
  • Volt Sleeveless Wetsuit – 3mm front/ 2mm back. Our most durable and flexible wetsuit. This wetsuit is great for athletes looking for less warmth, or less buoyancy in their wetsuit, but still want to fly through the water. MSRP: $250, code priced: $100
  • Valor Speedsuit – For warm water races, or races where the water is no longer wetsuit legal based on USA Triathlon, or Ironman rules, this is a hydrodynamic shell that you wear over you race kit to be faster in the water by having less drag, and being more efficient. You will have better form through a unique material and cut. MSRP: $300, code price: $120
  • Vortex Sleeveless Wetsuit – 5mm front/ 3mm back. This is a great entry level suit for the athlete looking for warmth, and buoyancy, but not looking for sleeves. MSRP: $300, code price: $120
  • Vortex Fullsuit Wetsuit – Same front and back as the Vortex Sleeveless, but with 2-panel arms for a warmer wetsuit to cover your arms. MSRP: $400, code price: $160
  • Vector Pro Fullsuit Wetsuit – 5mm front/ 3mm back. 6-panel construction for a more anatomical wetsuit fit and more flexible feel. MSRP: $600, code price: $240


I Think Springtime is Here

The weather has been perfect the last couple of weeks here in Acadiana.  I’m sure many of you have been taking advantage of the good weather to get outside for your runs and bike rides.  And many of you are ready for tri season to begin.  I know I am!

To get you ready for your first multisport event, Tri Cajuns will host a spring triathlon camp on March 4, 2017 in New Iberia.  You will be coached by certified Ironman coaches and a master swim instructor.  There will be plenty of food and door prizes.  If you are interested in attending, please sign up.  Remember, you must be a member of Tri Cajuns to attend.

Here are some upcoming races, not far from Lafayette, that you may be interested in:

March 19 Opelousas Rotary Duathlon Opelousas, LA
April 29 Eunice Rotary Zydeco Triathlon Eunice, LA
May 13 Louisiana Triathlon New Roads, LA

You can register for these races and check out other races on the events calendar at www.cajuntiming.com.

If you have questions about anything multisport related, please let us know.  And check out our Facebook page for additional club information, events, and socials.

And there goes 2016,,, Bring on 2017

Well, 2016 is coming to a close and so has our racing season.  I hope that everyone had a great Christmas and will bring in the new year with a bang.  It’s about that time to start planning races for 2017 (some have already started), work on weaknesses, and begin training for upcoming spring races.

The last few months of the year were busy for some of our team.  We even had two world qualifiers!  Jamie Jeansonne qualified for the USAT World Long Course Triathlon Championships with her 2nd place Miami Man finish, and Tim Barry qualified for the USAT World Duathon Championship with his AG finish at the Sprint Duathlon Draft Legal World Qualifiers in New Orleans.  Be sure to congratulate these two athletes when you see them.


Other team members took on the following races.  Pure Awesomeness:

IM Florida 140.6 Finishers, 11/5/2016: Kerry Behrens, Karen St. Germain, Tim Waguespack, Dustin Duval, Corey Brungart, Jimmy Guiberteau, Stan Guidroz, Brad Doucet

USAT Sprint Draft Legal World Qualifer Race, 11/6/2016: Kirk Guilbeau

IM Maryland 140.6 Finishers, 10/7/2016: Mary Hayes

IM Austin 70.3 Finishers, 10/30/2016: James Noriega

Ryan Man 70.3 Finishers, 10/2/2016: Ryan Smith

River Roux 70.3 Finishers, 11/12/2016: Chase Webre, Matt Margaglio, Marcus Marullo, Erika Littell, Sean Landry, Natalie Howard, Alexander Fitz, Patrick Ashley

Also at River Roux 70.3, Summer Mine Marullo and Leslie Reulet-Carrere did the relay with Leslie having the fastest bike split out of the women!


The Tri Cajuns board has been busy planning team events for 2017 to help team members become better athletes.  Events being planned are OWS, training classes (Garmin, Injury Prevention, etc.), a spring triathlon camp, and our yearly club meeting.  Be sure to check Facebook and the website calendar for these events.

Have fun, be safe, train hard, and we’ll see you soon!




Tri Cajuns Coaches Corner – “Bread and Butter Sessions”

From Coach Josh Louviere with All In Racing:

Some of you are familiar with these types of workouts…


“I like to call them ‘bread-and-butter’ sessions,” he says. “They are usually short in duration and low-intensity, but are still a very important part of the overall training program.”

Originally from: http://www.ironman.com/triathlon/news/articles/2015/04/one-key-element-of-a-successful-training-plan.aspx#ixzz4TJTGoTsH


I read somewhere recently, professionals recover at around (or under) 50% of their FTP on the bike.  That is less impact than walking.  Kind of puts it in to perspective.  The “hour easy” workouts serve a major purpose if you take the time to monitor your form, and do the little things necessary to get faster.


Happy reading!  



USAT Winter Challenge – Earn Prizes! Starts December 1st!

Who’s up for a winter challenge during your offseason training? Tri Cajuns will be participating in the USAT Winter Challenge starting December 1, 2016. Club members will be able to log miles for swim, bike, and run workouts on the USAT website. Athletes log all three discipline mileages over the three months. At the end of each month, the individual male and female winners and the top 5 clubs are awarded prizes. At the end of the competition, the overall individual (male and female) winners, as well as the overall club winners of each division, are awarded prizes. Tri Cajuns will also sweeten the pot by offering club awards for top athletes.

You can check out the Winter Challenge and rules (yes, read the rules) at http://ncc.usatriathlon.org/help/rules. On December 1st, you can start logging your workouts at this site as well.  Login in to your USAT account here ->  http://ncc.usatriathlon.org/home/log



Have fun and good luck!