USAT Winter Challenge – Earn Prizes! Starts December 1st!

Who’s up for a winter challenge during your offseason training? Tri Cajuns will be participating in the USAT Winter Challenge starting December 1, 2016. Club members will be able to log miles for swim, bike, and run workouts on the USAT website. Athletes log all three discipline mileages over the three months. At the end of each month, the individual male and female winners and the top 5 clubs are awarded prizes. At the end of the competition, the overall individual (male and female) winners, as well as the overall club winners of each division, are awarded prizes. Tri Cajuns will also sweeten the pot by offering club awards for top athletes.

You can check out the Winter Challenge and rules (yes, read the rules) at On December 1st, you can start logging your workouts at this site as well.  Login in to your USAT account here ->



Have fun and good luck!

Tri Cajuns Coaches Corner

TriCajuns is proud to have two Ironman certified coaches involved with our club.  Brandon Bahlawan coaches with Mind Right Endurance and Josh Louviere coaches with All In Racing.  These guys bring much experience to our club and are able to lend a hand to get our members ready for that first sprint triathlon or an Ironman half or full.

This month’s tip comes from Coach Brandon and discusses how to keep your heart rate down when transitioning from the bike to the run.


2017 OWS Dates Posted for SMP and Cajun X Cables

Our OWS swims at Sugar Mill Pond and Cajun X Cables have been posted to the calendar for 2017!  There will be approximately two swims per month, and we have done our best to rotate between Saturdays and Sundays in order to accommodate member’s schedules.

If you are planning your first open water triathlon in 2017, these swims will help build confidence and endurance.  Experienced members will be there to assist with technique, sighting, and strategy to get you through one of the toughest disciplines of triathlon.

See you on the water!