XTERRA Wetsuit Sponsorship

Tri Cajuns, friends, and family can get a 60% discount on wetsuits and other swim items through Xterra’s club sponsorship program.   Check out the club’s page at:


For those looking at purchasing a SUP, check out:


.  You need a code to realize the discount, so email us for the code and we will send it to you.  Some examples of savings:

  • Vivid Fullsuit – 3mm front/ 2mm back, with 2panel, 2mm shoulders and a Capri cut leg. MSRP: $245, code price: $99
  • Volt Sleeveless Wetsuit – 3mm front/ 2mm back. Our most durable and flexible wetsuit. This wetsuit is great for athletes looking for less warmth, or less buoyancy in their wetsuit, but still want to fly through the water. MSRP: $250, code priced: $100
  • Valor Speedsuit – For warm water races, or races where the water is no longer wetsuit legal based on USA Triathlon, or Ironman rules, this is a hydrodynamic shell that you wear over you race kit to be faster in the water by having less drag, and being more efficient. You will have better form through a unique material and cut. MSRP: $300, code price: $120
  • Vortex Sleeveless Wetsuit – 5mm front/ 3mm back. This is a great entry level suit for the athlete looking for warmth, and buoyancy, but not looking for sleeves. MSRP: $300, code price: $120
  • Vortex Fullsuit Wetsuit – Same front and back as the Vortex Sleeveless, but with 2-panel arms for a warmer wetsuit to cover your arms. MSRP: $400, code price: $160
  • Vector Pro Fullsuit Wetsuit – 5mm front/ 3mm back. 6-panel construction for a more anatomical wetsuit fit and more flexible feel. MSRP: $600, code price: $240