Tri Cajuns Coaches Corner

TriCajuns is proud to have two Ironman certified coaches involved with our club.  Brandon Bahlawan coaches with Mind Right Endurance and Josh Louviere coaches with All In Racing.  These guys bring much experience to our club and are able to lend a hand to get our members ready for that first sprint triathlon or an Ironman half or full.

This month’s tip comes from Coach Brandon and discusses how to keep your heart rate down when transitioning from the bike to the run.


2017 OWS Dates Posted for SMP and Cajun X Cables

Our OWS swims at Sugar Mill Pond and Cajun X Cables have been posted to the calendar for 2017!  There will be approximately two swims per month, and we have done our best to rotate between Saturdays and Sundays in order to accommodate member’s schedules.

If you are planning your first open water triathlon in 2017, these swims will help build confidence and endurance.  Experienced members will be there to assist with technique, sighting, and strategy to get you through one of the toughest disciplines of triathlon.

See you on the water!

2016 River Roux Triathlon and Club Challenge

Did you know Tri Cajuns is currently in 3rd place for the 2016 River Roux Club Challenge?  Did you know that Tri Cajuns will have members volunteering at the race and our tent will be set up at the venue?  Come join the fun with us on November 12, 2016 and pass a good time!  Points are awarded to members who are racing or volunteering this year at River Roux.  Here is how it works:

Members racing sign up and enter Tri Cajuns as their club.

Relay teams can sign up as Tri Cajuns too.

Volunteers need to sign up by November 11th. Go to the River Roux website, select “Event”, and “Volunteer”.  Sign up for one of the spots.  In the comments section, add that you are with Tri Cajuns.

Points are broken down as follows:

  • 1 point for every registered participant
  • 1 point for every participant for 1st-3rd placing relay team
  • 3 extra points for 1st Overall Relay
  • 1/2 point for every volunteer (registered on Volunteer Spot by November 11th)
  • Extra points for age group placement: 1st Place – 3 points, 2nd Place – 2 points, 3rd Place – 1 point
  • Extra points for overall: 1st Place – 6 points, 2nd Place – 5 points, 3rd Place – 4 points
  • Extra Points for Masters and Grandmasters – 6 points


  • $250 and swag for registered participants and registered volunteers
  • Gumbo Pot Trophy
  • Bragging Rights

*If you have already registered to race and did not designate a club or training group, please go to the River Roux Triathlon website and contact the race director by email. Let the race director know that you need to sign up with Tri Cajuns Triathlon Club.

Hope to see you there!

Race Report for August and September 2016

Tri Cajuns team members represented in both local and Ironman races in August and September. All that training has really paid off.  Here are some of the podium finishes from recent races:

Tarpon Tri: Heidi Arbeneaux – 1st Female Overall, Tim Barry – 2nd AG 45-49


River Cities Tri: Thomas Miller – 1st AG 70-Over


MPCS Tri: Heidi Arboneaux – 1st Female Open Winner, Elizabeth Blum – 2nd Female Open, Aidan Foreman – 1st AG 15-19, Erika Littell – 1st AG 30-34, Rachel Clostio – 2nd AG 35-39, Laina Fredieu – 1st AG 40-44, Karen St. Germaine – 1st AG 45-49, Lisa Bell – 1st AG 50-54, Kay Blanchard – 2nd AG 55-59, Chris Van Way – 1st Male Masters Winner, Braeden Van Way – 3rd AG 20-24, Sullivan Van Way – 1st AG 25-29, Carlo Bentley – 3rd AG 30-34, Dustin Duval – 3rd AG 35-39, Masta B – 1st AG 40-44,  Mike Hamilton – 1st AG 50-54, Brian St. Germaine – 2nd AG 50-54, Kerry Behrens – 2nd AG 60-64


CajunMan Tri: Heidi Arboneaux – 1st Female Grand Master Winner, Erika Littell – 1st AG 30-34, Tammy Dupre –  1st AG 45-49, Lisa Bell – 1st AG 50-54, Mary Kay Blanchard – 1st AG 55-59, Masta B – 3rd AG 40-44, Chris Calais – 2nd AG 50-54, Geoff Jones – 2nd AG 60-64, Santiago Caballero 1st AG 65-69, Thomas Miller – 1st AG 70-Over


Jennings Lion’s Club Tri: Madeline Kovacs – 2nd AG 20-29, Summer Marullo – 1st AG 30-39, Lucas Hebert -2nd AG 30-39, Kyle Carlos Carrere – 3rd AG 30-39, Tim Barry – 1st AG 40-49, Masta B – 2nd AG 40-49, Chris Van Way – 1st AG 50-59, Chris Calais – 2nd AG 50-59


Towne Lake Tri (TX): Jamie Jeansonne – 1st Athena 0-39, Sullivan Van Way – 3rd AG 25-29, Chris Van Way – 2nd AG 50-54


Congratulations to these Ironman Finishers


Ironman Atlantic City 70.3 – Brandon Bahlawan

Ironman Augusta 70.3 – Laina Fredieu, Lisa Bell, Jerret Daigle, Justin Drew Emerson,   Brittany O’Conner Emerson, Yohannes Berard, Dustin Duval, Kim Broussard

Ironman Chattanooga 140.6 – Natalie Parish Howard

Ironman Maryland 140.6 – Mary Hayes

Ryan Man 70.3 – Ryan Smith

Even though the season is winding down, there are still November races; Ironman Florida 140.6, Ironman Austin 70.3, and Miami Man 70.3, where some of our team will be racing. These guys and gals have put in many hours of training and are getting ready to taper, so watch out!  Be sure keep an eye out for these tapering triathletes and cheer them on.

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