Race Data – Help us get funding !

Did you know that each year all the USAT clubs compete regionally for prize money that goes back into the club?  TriCajuns has won 1st and 2nd place regionally for a number of years now thanks to all our great members racing! The prize money earned helps keep membership fees down, provides club t-shirts this year for all active members as well as much much more!

Every USAT sanctioned race that you race in earns us points in this friendly competition.

We are urging all members to please submit the details of your races by filling out the following form after each race.  This will help us with tracking all members who have raced at each race and the points earned for the club.


Please take a few minutes to enter any races you may have competed in this year so we can keep the momentum going!

Tri-Cajuns News and Announcements – Jan 2015

Happy New Year everyone, hope it has been going well! Sorry for the lack of communication, this time last year I didn’t have a job, and this year I’m a Realtor, professional speaker, and the first Executive Director of BikeLafayette, which has been keeping me busy, whew!

I was pretty ambitious last year, and while we didn’t accomplish everything we wanted, we have a good structure to move forward with. I think this was mostly due to us all thinking we had more time than we do, great intentions but not a lot of time to spend on them! Because of this, and because I want a framework to continue to grow the club, I would like to establish a board of directors. This will help us stay on track and accomplish our goals; I simply can’t get as much done as I used to. I think one hour/week, with a few special circumstances, is more than ample commitment. If you can do that and would like to help out please let me know! I’m looking forward to becoming even more established. I’d like to set a meeting up for next month, and will have a draft of bylaws and draft agenda.

I’m also changing the price of membership. Each adult will be $25, each child younger than 18 will be $5, and members of the UL Tri Club will be $15. Each person registering will have to do it individually, which will be a bigger headache if using PayPal but will ensure me that everyone member signs the waiver. I am also delaying membership renewals until March, as I think we are better served starting to gear up in the warmer weather.

We placed second in our category in the South Midwest Region! As unstructured as we are, we sure have a fast group! I’m really looking forward to what can we accomplish as we become more adhesive. Our off-season challenge team is rocking it too. We need to have a party and a speaker, if you can help organize this please let me know. Shout out to Dane Devalcourt, who is now keeping our website up-to-date!

Jan 31st-Feb 1 is the annual regional conference Frost Yer Fanny, with the regional duathlon championship, in Shreveport. Please let me know if you’d like to go this year! I am going, and will be doing the clinic to become a certified race official. This way we will have someone local to help with our area’s sanctioned races instead of paying someone to come from out of town.

Well that’s a packed email! Thanks for reading, and looking forward to this year!
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