I Think Springtime is Here

The weather has been perfect the last couple of weeks here in Acadiana.  I’m sure many of you have been taking advantage of the good weather to get outside for your runs and bike rides.  And many of you are ready for tri season to begin.  I know I am!

To get you ready for your first multisport event, Tri Cajuns will host a spring triathlon camp on March 4, 2017 in New Iberia.  You will be coached by certified Ironman coaches and a master swim instructor.  There will be plenty of food and door prizes.  If you are interested in attending, please sign up.  Remember, you must be a member of Tri Cajuns to attend.

Here are some upcoming races, not far from Lafayette, that you may be interested in:

March 19 Opelousas Rotary Duathlon Opelousas, LA
April 29 Eunice Rotary Zydeco Triathlon Eunice, LA
May 13 Louisiana Triathlon New Roads, LA

You can register for these races and check out other races on the events calendar at www.cajuntiming.com.

If you have questions about anything multisport related, please let us know.  And check out our Facebook page for additional club information, events, and socials.

Tri Cajuns Coaches Corner – “Bread and Butter Sessions”

From Coach Josh Louviere with All In Racing:

Some of you are familiar with these types of workouts…


“I like to call them ‘bread-and-butter’ sessions,” he says. “They are usually short in duration and low-intensity, but are still a very important part of the overall training program.”

Originally from: http://www.ironman.com/triathlon/news/articles/2015/04/one-key-element-of-a-successful-training-plan.aspx#ixzz4TJTGoTsH


I read somewhere recently, professionals recover at around (or under) 50% of their FTP on the bike.  That is less impact than walking.  Kind of puts it in to perspective.  The “hour easy” workouts serve a major purpose if you take the time to monitor your form, and do the little things necessary to get faster.


Happy reading!  



Tri Cajuns Coaches Corner

TriCajuns is proud to have two Ironman certified coaches involved with our club.  Brandon Bahlawan coaches with Mind Right Endurance and Josh Louviere coaches with All In Racing.  These guys bring much experience to our club and are able to lend a hand to get our members ready for that first sprint triathlon or an Ironman half or full.

This month’s tip comes from Coach Brandon and discusses how to keep your heart rate down when transitioning from the bike to the run.


Race Data – Help us get funding !

Did you know that each year all the USAT clubs compete regionally for prize money that goes back into the club?  TriCajuns has won 1st and 2nd place regionally for a number of years now thanks to all our great members racing! The prize money earned helps keep membership fees down, provides club t-shirts this year for all active members as well as much much more!

Every USAT sanctioned race that you race in earns us points in this friendly competition.

We are urging all members to please submit the details of your races by filling out the following form after each race.  This will help us with tracking all members who have raced at each race and the points earned for the club.


Please take a few minutes to enter any races you may have competed in this year so we can keep the momentum going!