Tri Cajuns Coaches Corner – “Bread and Butter Sessions”

From Coach Josh Louviere with All In Racing:

Some of you are familiar with these types of workouts…


“I like to call them ‘bread-and-butter’ sessions,” he says. “They are usually short in duration and low-intensity, but are still a very important part of the overall training program.”

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I read somewhere recently, professionals recover at around (or under) 50% of their FTP on the bike.  That is less impact than walking.  Kind of puts it in to perspective.  The “hour easy” workouts serve a major purpose if you take the time to monitor your form, and do the little things necessary to get faster.


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Tri Cajuns Coaches Corner

TriCajuns is proud to have two Ironman certified coaches involved with our club.  Brandon Bahlawan coaches with Mind Right Endurance and Josh Louviere coaches with All In Racing.  These guys bring much experience to our club and are able to lend a hand to get our members ready for that first sprint triathlon or an Ironman half or full.

This month’s tip comes from Coach Brandon and discusses how to keep your heart rate down when transitioning from the bike to the run.